Approximately $7.5M was spent by Ownership on recent renovation of the lobbies, elevators, infrastructure and newly incorporated fire safety system to meet the needs of the most forward-thinking tenants. In addition, Ownership committed approximately $7M for tenant improvements associated with newly leased spaces. Recent upgrades to 100-104 Fifth Avenue include:

  • Complete restoration of the building's French Gothic façade
  • New, modern lobbies that create an edgy, innovative look designed to appeal to a new generation of corporate entrepreneurs
  • State of the art elevator equipment and access control with a minimalist, industrial design
  • Cutting edge modernization of fire safety equipment that is capable of supporting the latest in office installation
  • Latest technological advances in video and access control security
  • Advanced telecommunications and internet connectivity upgrades
  • Upgraded electric service
  • Modernized restrooms, HVAC and sprinkler system

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